Kelly Wilz is a cultural critic, writer at the American Association of University Professors’ Academe Blog, and an Associate Professor of Communication/Theatre Arts at UW–Marshfield/Wood County where she explores the intersections of education, media literacy, gender, politics and pop culture. The focus of her research is on rhetorical constructions of gender, violence, and dissent within the context of U.S. war culture, specifically guided by issues of how dissent and a re-articulation of dominant narratives function as a response to pro-war rhetoric. Related topics of interest include how dehumanizing and demonizing rhetoric extend beyond war to issues of social violence based on discourses of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other identity markers. Follow her on Twitter at @KellyLWilz, her blog,, and To contact her regarding speaking engagements, email her at for pricing and availability.

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