When We Don’t Fund Public Education


Wisconsin’s Overpass Light Brigade light up the night with a message in support of public schools.  Courtesy: http://metea.weac.org/2015/02/09/parents-community-come-support-public-education

The narrative surrounding higher education in Wisconsin is yet again being defined by those who do not work in higher education in Wisconsin and unfortunately, as we’ve seen before, this line of attack is incredibly successful.

“The No Confidence vote isn’t really about President Cross or the Board of Regents. The radical faculty at UW-Madison are rejecting the values and expectations of the people of Wisconsin. They are backhanding the middle class families who are pleading for controls on tuition and an end to wasteful spending in the UW System.” -Sen. Steve Nass

“This action by the governing members of UW Madison shows an arrogance that doesn’t serve the University or its students well. It’s a clear example of the complete disconnect between UW Madison faculty who seem to expect their job to come with…

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