And This Is Why I Teach



My stepfather is dying.  I hate even using the word “step” because in every sense of the word, he is my father.  And he will be gone soon.  He is in hospice now.  There are no more emergency room last ditch efforts to save his life.  He is being “kept comfortable” they tell me.

I bring this up because working and teaching in Wisconsin is difficult now, and has been for some time, but on top of the politics, the demoralization, the constant questioning of whether or not I’ll have a job in a couple of years, the loss of friends, colleagues, and –well I’ve written quite extensively on this topicbefore— on top of this, my stepfather is dying.  To say that going into work is hard would be to deny the depth of how difficult it is to do my job right now.

I’ve often said…

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