Dear Wisconsin Legislators: We Don’t Have a Pension Problem. Please Stop Trying to “Fix” It.



With Governor Walker suspending his presidential campaign, many of us in Wisconsin have been asking ourselves, what will be next on his agenda?  My guess?  Messing with public employee retirement and pensions.  According to Molly Beck, “Republican lawmakers are laying the groundwork for changes to state workers’ pensions that could reduce the monthly payouts and raise the age at which they could retire.  One bill expected to be introduced this month would change the way pension payments are calculated for state workers in five years — payments would be determined by averaging workers’ top five years of pay instead of the top three.  Under a second bill, the minimum age at which a state worker currently under the age of 40 could retire would be 57 instead of 55. Public safety workers could retire at 52 instead of 50.  The measures are sponsored by Sen. Duey Stroebel, R-Saukville…

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