The 2015 Official UW-System Faculty Exodus Update Part 3: The “ Why Everyone’s Leaving” Edition

More thoughts on the why educators want to leave their professions:


I quit teaching2 for real

The other morning I opened my email, as I do every morning, to find this lovely message:

“I saw online that you are leaving UW because of working conditions. I had a look at your ‘areas of expertise’ and I have to say I am delighted you are leaving. People with your ‘areas of expertise’ are like roaches, destroying what used to be great in American universities. I hope other states copy Governor Walker’s reforms — they may actually save higher education. -Rachelle.”

Yes.  You read that correctly.  A complete stranger tracked down my email address and sent me this message.  I did not reply to her.  I guess “Communication Studies” is now what is destroying great American universities. And, to those of you who don’t believe that those in education aren’t harassed on a daily basis, demonized, and have to put up with this *simply because we are teachers*…

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